Kirby Inland Marine: Inland Deckhand

Inland Deckhand

Posted Jun 14

Kirby Inland Marine

Houston, Texas


 • Attach and remove line and cables to and from the vessel, barges, docks and locks • Handle lines 4 to 8 times during loading and discharging in order to adjust for the changing height of the barge, relative to the height of other barges, the dock and the vessel • Maintain vessel by performing scheduled maintenance and housekeeping such as sweeping, washing the vessel, chipping rusted metal, priming and painting • Make minor repairs using tools such as hammers, fire axes and ratchets, hand winches, stripping pumps, needle guns and grinders • Perform other duties as assigned by the vessel master (examples: cooking, cleaning and washing clothes) EXPERIENCE • Experience in Commercial Boating (i.e. towboat, tugboat, commercial fishing, oilfield, heavy equipment operations, commercial farming and/or shipyard is preferred) • Basic computer skills knowledge required. • 12 months of consecutive work experience. EDUCATION • High School or GED required WORK CONDITIONS • Work schedule and hours determined by boat. Typical work schedule is a 2 for 1 schedule up to 30 days, with a 12 hour work shift. • Must be able to work in inclement weather outdoor, heat and cold • Must be able live and work in close quarters and able to spend a length of time away from family • Must be willing and able to attend paid required training on and off scheduled work time. • Must have reliable transportation and be able to drive to/from company defined hub cities. COMPENSATION • $124/DAY, PLUS BENEFITS (MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION/401K, ETC.) QUALIFICATIONS, COMPETENCIES AND CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS • Must be able to satisfy all United States Coast Guard physical requirements (CG-719K) • Must be able to satisfy all United States Coast Guard Chemical Drug Testing Programs for Vessel Personnel, as found in 46 CFR Part 15 • Must be able to satisfy all United States Coast Guard physical requirements, as found in 46 CFR Part 15 • Must be able to pass company requirements of 46 CFR Part 197 Subpart C- Benzene • Valid TWIC card required • Must possess a valid driver’s license • Valid social security card required • Valid state issued birth certificate required. • Must be 18 years of age • Must not have a DWI or DUI in the last three years • Must not have more than 2 moving driving violations in the last 3 years • Cannot have any criminal charges pending or be on probation • Must be able to read and write English at a eleventh grade level • Ability to understand written and verbal orders • Must not be color blind PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS • Walk – Must be able to walk 2-3 miles per day • Step - Must be able to step 2ft vertical and 2ft horizontal • Reach - Must be able to extend arms fully throughout a normal range of motion both in a horizontal and vertical plane (i.e., throwing and catching lines) • Climb - Must be able to climb a 90 degree vertical ladder 25-30 feet • Grip/Hold/Pull – Must be able to grip, hold and pull 50lbs. • Lift – Must be able to lift 50-75lbs. and carry it approximately 500 feet • Vision - Color vision and eyesight must be sufficient to pass an eye test as required to obtain a merchant mariners document. This requires an uncorrected vision of at least 20/200 in each eye corrected to 20/40 in each eye • Hearing – Must meet minimum standards, as per USCG requirements • Speech - Must be able to verbally communicate in the English language both in delivery and ability to be understood using handheld radios or other devices, as required • Smell – Must possess a sense of smell to be able to detect the presence of potentially dangerous vapors • Pulmonary Functions - Must pass a pulmonary function test with a minimum score of 80% • General - Must be able to enter and exit hatches/doorways quickly in case of emergency. • Equipment - Must be able to wear a negative or positive pressure respirator, PVC foul weather gear. • Minute escape pack, rubber gloves and boots. Ability to use firefighting / spill containment equipment


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