Why choose Boatworkers?

How do you know if your posting will attract the right people?

How do you know if it will be visible?

Is paying for a job post worth it?

We understand all of these concerns. Having posted jobs ourselves – we get it. It’s overwhelming. There is a huge variety of job boards out there, as well as a growing number of maritime specific job boards. So why use us?

What truly differentiates us from the next site is our scale and quality of our community. Boatworkers was one of the first maritime job boards established, and today it’s the largest communities for maritime only work – with over 1.5 million individuals visiting the site annually.

As you can see from glancing at our main page, the companies that trust us to find the next employee are some of the largest and most reputable companies in their industries. They keep coming back because we continue to lead the charge in connecting quality employees with great maritime companies. Rarely does a job posting go unfilled.

So why Boatworkers? Because we are the largest, most experience and dedicated maritime only job board in the world. Plain and simple.

As always, thanks for being here. We truly appreciate it.